Moyan Merle Red Poodle, Standard puppy for sale near Charlotte, North

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The prices charged for a merle puppy by backyard breeders very quite a bit. For example, a standard merle puppy from one breeder is nearly the most expensive puppy to buy, at $2,800 with another $2,000 to include breeding rights. Teacup and miniature poodles are slightly more expensive, ranging from $1,000-$2,500.

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Poodles are a beloved dog breed that comes in an array of colors, ranging from classic white to more exotic hues such as apricot or silver. Each color is determined by specific genetic traits that pass through their lineage. They are often guided by experienced poodle breeders who know which dominant coat color genes to select for breeding.

The Merle Poodle What Lies Behind This Dog Breed

Around 400 years ago, the poodle breed was established. It started out in Germany as a duck hunting dog, but its appealing looks soon earned it favor with the nobles of France. Soon, it became a luxurious companion and is now associated more with high society than duck hunting. As for when the merle gene was introduced to the poodle, there is.

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Contents show What Is a Merle Poodle? Image credit: truffle_the_moyen_poodle / Instagram A merle Poodle is a Poodle variation that has a patched pattern on its coat. This dog may also come in Standard, Toy, Miniature, and Moyen Poodle sizes.

About the Merle "Poodle"

What are merle poodles? This type of dog has all the similar behaviors and traits a Poodle is known for, but technically is not a poodle and there is a significant difference in their coat. The pattern of their coat is kind of similar to a Leopard. The word "Merle" is directly related to the pattern of the coat and not the color.

The Merle Poodle What Lies Behind This Dog Breed

A Merle Poodle is a variant of the popular Poodle dog that possesses a unique coat with a solid base color and splashes of other colors on this base coat. The merle coat pattern is considerably rare, and there remains a question over whether it is naturally occurring in the Poodle dog.

The Merle Poodle What Lies Behind This Dog Breed

Merle Poodle contains leopard-like patterns and similar coloring from top to bottom. Their shape is square, and the breed has long faces, necks, and legs. However, the Poodle comes in different sizes, such as toys, miniature, and standard. The Poodle's coat produces soft, coarse, curly, or corded fur.

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If you're wondering, "do Poodles come in Merle?" the answer is no; Poodles are never naturally Merle. The only way a Poodle can be Merle is if one of their ancestors bred with a natural merle canine like the Australian Shepherd, the Border Collie, or the Shetland Sheepdog. Merle Poodle genetics Blind Merle Poodle sitting on the couch

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40 - 70 pounds Lifespan: 12 - 15 years Colors: Apricot, brown, white, gray, black, cream, fawn Suitable for: New dog owners, families with older kids, people with allergies Temperament: Intelligent, active, friendly, mischievous The American Kennel Club (AKC) refuses to recognize merle poodles.

Red Merle Akc Poodle, Standard puppy for sale near Los Angeles

March 14, 2023 Read Next Merle Poodles have beautifully patterned coats that can come in many different colors including blue merle, chocolate merle, red merle and phantom merle. In addition to their beautiful coats, they often feature striking green eyes. It's no surprise that these dogs are super popular because of their appearance!

Moyan Merle Red Poodle, Standard puppy for sale near Charlotte, North

The red Poodle is the carrier of the Rufus gene, a gene that changes the appearance of the apricot or brown coat. Even though they may appear different, red Poodles are the same fabulous Poodles as all the other colors, with a tiny dash of uniqueness and rarity. Introducing The Red Toy Poodle Photo from: @poodletoyromeo

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The Merle Gene in Poodles is a matter of much debate among the Poodle Community. Our take on this hotly debated topic appeals to science. We are a merle-friendly breeder located in the PNW. We are willing to help you with your merle goals ethically and kindly.

Red Merle Akc Poodle, Standard puppy for sale near Los Angeles

1 female black poodle left. Located in Southern Alberta. The mom, Sophie, is a gorgeous 49 lb. striking blue merle poodle. Her mom is a registered Blue merle and dad a brindle. The dad, Ember, is a. Find merle poodle in All Categories in Canada. Visit Kijiji Classifieds to buy, sell, or trade almost anything!

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The Merle Poodle is a color variation of the standard poodle and is known for its striking coat pattern. These rare Poodles have a lighter base color with darker patches of gray, black, or brown that create a marbled or speckled effect.

Red Merle Akc Poodle, Standard puppy for sale near Los Angeles

1) Red Merle Poodle 2) Black Merle Poodle 3) Blue Merle Poodle 4) Chocolate Merle Poodle 5) Silver Merle Poodle 6) Sable Merle Poodle 7) Phantom Merle Poodle What Is a Cryptic Merle Poodle? Does a Merle Poodle Change Color As They Age? Merle Poodle Appearance & Traits Size (Weight & Height) Coat Texture & Length Shedding & Grooming

The Merle Poodle What Lies Behind This Dog Breed

A merle poodle is a dog who looks like a poodle, acts like a poodle, but has a cacophony of colors on its coat. Merle tends to express itself in patches, dots, spots, and dashes. Usually there's a base color (black is common on poodles, though with light gray spots it looks like a blue palette), over which an array of darker colors are patterned.