Birth date wrong in birth certificate (2023)

Respected Sir, my birth-date in my birth certificate is wrongly put. My birth-date in all my documents including passport is Nov 29 1980. One of my relative went to the Nagar Palika in Maharashtra and was informed that the date is Dec 3 1980. Can you please let me know the process to change this date. The hospital in which I was born dont have the record with email id is : [deleted]

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1. You should apply to the Registrar of Births and Deaths to rectify the error in your birth certificate.

2. If the application for rectification of error is rejected by the registrar then you can go to court and file a lawsuit for court directions to be issued to the registrar to change the name.

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1) Write an application requesting the changes required, to the Municipal Corporation Office.

2. Submit:

- Original Birth Certificate.

- A declaration signed by notary on stamp paper & state all the changes required.

3 - Proof of changes required in Birth Certificate

4. Follow up with the Municipal Corporation Officer & it will be issued

5. Documents required are as follows,

- Driving License

- Passport/PAN Card

- Voter ID

- Ration Card

- Education Certificates/ School Leaving Certificate

- Consent letter from the concerned Hospital regarding correction to the effect

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if your all documents bear same date of birth as Nov 29 1980 then you should file an application with affidavit before the municipal commissioner for amendment in DOB certificate. it shall be amended accordingly. municipal corporation does not require hospital discharge certificate. affidavit is sufficient.

enclosed photo copy of all the documents in support of affidavit. It may be possible that there any clerical mistake had occurred in the certificate. It is not a big issue to file any suit or publication in news paper.

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In The State Of Maharashtra vs Dnyndeo Sudam Waghmare, it is held by the Bombay High Court that date of certificate mentioned in high school certificate or any other certificate of first or last attended educational institute is enough to prove date of birth. so don't worry it is not hard and fast rule that municipal record is final. other document instead of municipal record is also admissible and municipal record may be amended according to educational record.

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We will have to examine your school records. If in the school records, your date of birth is same as your birth certificate then it is very difficult to change the same at this stage.

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what is your correct date of birth?

you may published the same in two news papers in who one should be leading and second should be regional.

you may also file a civil suit for declaration before civil court.

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